Powell River, BC – Prepped for the Combine

Get yer Free Medkits here . . .

Via Kotaku – Powell River, BC, is ready for the Combine. Lambda-force safezones are popping up everywhere . . . do they know something we don’t?


Monday Morning Child Abuse

Via Joystiq: a very, very bad thing to do to your children.

Comments? Observations? Reactions? Responses?

It’s A Real, Virtual World

Kotaku posts about Funcom’s latest offering: The Secret World, an MMO. Quite some anticipation as it’ll be the third MMO from some masters of video game storytelling. Then there’s the interesting fact that the game will take place in our own world. So it’s a virtual world whose setting is reality – plus monsters.

Says product manager Erling Ellingson:

“The setting for The Secret World is actually our own world… But there is something out there, another world beyond our own. In this world there are monsters and there are some very, very dark conspiracies. There are also many myths and legends from our own world, that may play a part in all of this.”

Hmm. Says Kotaku:

“The game will be using real-world locations like London and New York, giving certain players the very meta experience of strolling around the virtual streets their real-life arses are too lazy to stroll.”

Now that’ll be some social commentary . . .