Blizzard’s $2 Million Sparklehorse


The Blizzard Pet Store is offering two new virtual pets to World of Warcraft players, one of which has generated over $2 million in sales in its first four hours.

The “Celestial Steed” [below] is, according to its description on the Blizzard Store, “freshly born from the Twisting Nether” and allows players to “travel in style astride wings of pure elemental stardust.” […]

The fancy horse costs $25 and offers no new abilities to players, only riding as fast as a character’s riding skill will enable it to go.

According to, the download queue as of 1:45 Pacific time [April 15] was at 80,000. At $25 a pop, this means that this noble steed has generated sales of $2 million since its debut at 9:30 the same morning, or around $500,000 an hour.


Five hundred grand an hour ain’t no thang.

Well, that certainly is something. 

Perhaps most interesting are reports of complaints that $25.00 is not enough, which will lead to the mount being “too common”.

Given the sales so far, it seems that Blizzard could have gotten away with charging much more.


Recursive Gaming

OK, it had to happen. Here’s a game about . . . making a game. A Massively Multiplayer Online game.

Behold, MMORPG Tycoon.

I await the outpouring of user reviews.

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