This Week In Miscellanea: “Dropping Off The Grid”

1. Rusty is going on vacation! What kind of vacation? The sunning by a lake and reading books kind, of course! You would be forgiven for thinking he was going on a different sort of vacation, however.

You Are A Pirate!

You Are A Pirate!

Point 1 proposal: a feature film with “you are a pirate” as the theme song. The film stars a bunch of Somalian pirates, and starts with the protagonist getting wasted on hash and being press-ganged in Puntland. Later, they are ambushed by russians, brave toxic wate, steal Ukranian tanks, get paid off $USD millions, and then sink (along with the money) on the way home when all the other pirates swamp them. Madcap humor, poignant social commentary, and plenty of RPK 74

2. What crazy creatures might Rusty encounter on vacation? Probably not any of these horrific monstrosities!

Holy Shit, Get That Fucking Giant Isopod Away From Me!

Holy Shit, Get That Fucking Giant Isopod Away From Me!

 Point 2 proposal: Choose and comment upon the one that horrifies you the most!

3. The internet is a communications device. Proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is the Japanese band Sour, and all the web fans who contributed to their latest video:

Point 3 proposal: That was awesome!

4. New comix: Subnormality, Questionable Content, and Girl Genius – in case you haven’t already read them – and SE has been added to the blogroll!

Point 4 proposal: see y’all in 17 days, homies!


Update: Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs in an amusing short story by Leonard Richardson.

Update 2: Biomass-eating zombie warbots.


Stealin’ mah internets

April Fools !

Oh, those crazy comic writers.