Welcome to Objective 514 – taking over Montreal and the World one mind at a time. We are a group of hated allies and favoured enemies, fiercely loyal, united by bonds of friendship transcending time and distance, kicking ass and taking names since 1992. We descend upon the ‘net to bring our unique brand of Distilled Awesome to the desperate multitudes who have been praying for the opportunity to hang on our every word.

We make it a point of pride to watch, read, surf, and play rings around the competition, and dive into the deep end with new ideas and possibilities.

So linger awhile. Check out our links and videos. Read our reviews. Find out about our contributors. Become incensed at our rantings or inspired by our elucidations. Comment. Challenge us. It’s ok, we can take it.

Objective 514 is ready.

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