This Week In Miscellanea: “Lobsters”

This Image Is Related To Lobsters. Really.

1. Lobsters. Specifically, Charles Stross’ “Lobsters,” an excellent piece of short fiction epitomizing a few interesting trends in modern cyberpunk. A lot of traditional CP focuses on renegade heroes with little in the way of family; in their post-post-industrial world connections are typically forged rather than inherited, and no one talks about having kids. Stross’ story, on the other hand, focuses on family in the most genuine possible way, all the while proposing a new techno-social order… and worrying about what happened to all those Soviet lobsters left over from the cold war. Reccomended reading!

2. In case your attention span demands more instant gratification, here are links to an episode of the original Iron Chef in which Tokyo-Chinese style challenger Kobe engages Iron Chef Italian Osada in a Giant Lobster Battle!

Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

This epic conflict includes a rare opportunity to see Iron Chef Italian in action, strangely erudite commentary from actress Naomi Hosokawa (see above), a worthy challenge from Kobe, and a fortune teller who presumably knew how the battle would end before she tasted the food. Reccomended viewing!

3. The history of Afghanistan, in the form of impossibly cute manga.

Thank You, Japan.


Details On Your OpSat

Fluffy Gets Tactical

quote: “Drivers or pilots could see a vehicle’s speed
projected onto the windshield. Video-game companies
could use the contact lenses to completely immerse
players in a virtual world without restricting their
range of motion. And for communications, people on the
go could surf the Internet on a midair virtual display
screen that only they would be able to see.”

For those of us still still phrasing questions in the Future Tense, this is very ineteresting.

Update – quote: “let’s face it: once people can get online without even having to get out of bed, they’ll NEVER log off.”

Is Tanith on the money? That’s up to you to decide, but William Gibson agrees.