This Week In Miscellanea: “Moving Into New Areas”

1. You may all remember how much I love to extol the virtues of Neill Blomkamp. I’ve been hooked on the guy ever since first discovering “Alive in Joburg” back in 2006. A feature version of the same concept, District 9,  is coming to theatres in August. Watch the trailer!

2. The new Star Trek movie is out, and has managed to gross more money on it’s opening weekend than any other film in the series. I have to admit… that I’m looking forward to it.

I’m not forgetting where my primary loyalties lie, of course, but the new movie looks like a lot of fun.

3. In listing my all-time favorite games for a post over at just another meme vector, I included Beyond Good & Evil on the short list of favorites that I wanted  “saved.” I have also been bemoaning the lack of a sequel since about 5 minutes after I finished the original game.

Last year Ubidays offered a ray of hope – a possible sequel! Well, things seem to be gearing up.; what appears to be in-game footage has been released, and it looks GREAT. In this video the parkour elements (which were more like  “Ocarina of Time” dungeons in the original) look to have been ramped up, and combat is stil a mystery – the dai-jo doesn’t leave our hero’s back. Still, my hopes are now sky-high. Check it out:


This Week In Miscellanea: “Thinking/Unthinking Machines”

THINKING MACHINES: Neill Blomkamp’s 2006 short film “Yellow.” All Halo aside, maybe this guy should direct the live-action version of GitS as well.


UNTHINKING MACHINES: George Bush wants to avoid being perceived as a “lame duck” at the end of his second term. His latest initiative is trying, only somewhat subtly, to start re-classifying birth control as abortion. Seriously. If only Yellow would go kick this guy’s ass.



THINKING HUMANS: Now that we’ve opened the eBook can of worms, check out Andrew Vachss’ unpublished first novel “A Bomb Built in Hell.” Vachss defined mid-80s “hard-boiled” detective fiction with his renegade PI hero Burke. Now we can all read his first book, whose amoral hit-man story has been considered too extreme to publish for over two decades.

Awesomesauce, still in UNSC green


This is a -10 repost, especially considering the quality of the last three posts by tanith, rusty and trip. Still, I hadn’t watched it in a while, and it’s totally worth it if for no reason other than to see that Brute get his face owned in the last few seconds. I promise I shall now go and properly read the real posts >_<