Black Mesa – Now with Release Date

Rusty reminded us all of this back in the summer – but now it looks as if Black Mesa: Source has a release date, or at least a year: 2009.

The fact that this is less than a month away gives me a little tingle of anticipation.

People have been wondering if it will ever get released for a while now. In celebration of the potential release any time in the next thirteen months (or not,) here’s a sweet trailer, with some gameplay and in YouTube’s new high-quality, widescreen format . . .

What do you think? Sound off!

Also, this is cool, though it’s got nothing to do with BM:S.


Powell River, BC – Prepped for the Combine

Get yer Free Medkits here . . .

Via Kotaku – Powell River, BC, is ready for the Combine. Lambda-force safezones are popping up everywhere . . . do they know something we don’t?