Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Posting this here will forever brand me as an inveterate geek . . . but what the hell, it’s cool, and – hell, I’m a geek anyways.


Bike Hero or Bike Zero?

Wow. This is impressive.

This is either one of the coolest pieces of fanfic I’ve ever seen, or an incredibly clever marketing ploy. Either way it’s cool. What do you think?


The answer has been found – more after the jump!

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Google will eat your soul

You all remember this funny but creepy little vid by the vacationeers, right?

Well, turns out it’s just the first in a series – The Googling.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve collated all the videos here:

Part II – Google Moon

Part III – Google My Maps

Part IV – Google SMS

. . . all of which leave me feeling vaguely creeped out, like I’d seen a shadow move across my backyard and didn’t know what it was.

Ah, well. It’s probably nothing. Back to my web surfing . . . [cheery whistle]

Live from OMFG!

There are many reasons I’m not a TV news reporter. These are not some of them. But they’re a great way to practise stifling laughter at your office desk . . .

Morning Mind-bending

Take 10 minutes and watch this:

Only works with sound.

Can you feel it? The universe . . . makes your head spin.

(This is old but quite a famous movie; among others, it has been cited by Will Wright as one of the inspirations for Spore.)

“It’s not violent.”

From the Newsfeed (have you noticed the Montreal newsfeed in the bottom right?):

UFC to make Canadian debut in Montreal
Randy Phillips , Canwest News Service

MONTREAL – Georges St-Pierre knows the violent and sometimes bloody nature of professional mixed martial arts isn’t for everyone, but he also believes a lot of people don’t know what the sport is all about.


“Many people, especially in Quebec, have a misconception about the sport,” the 26-year-old Montreal native added. “They see it as violent, and that’s it. They haven’t seen UFC yet, and when they do, maybe once they see the show, they’ll be changing their minds.”

Oh, sure. UFC isn’t violent. Not at all. Now let’s see a BRUTAL TAKEDOWN!

. . . man, I’m on a posting roll today.

Navy Video Strangeness

OK, you’ve got my interest piqued.

What is LiveScience doing posting this video? (The same one as posted from YouTube below.)

I agree with the comments on I Need Gun. That Live Science vid looks totally dodgy and almost certainly not output by the US Navy. Anything the Navy puts out is going to be well polished, like this:

This looks more authentic to me – no backyard, no dirty, scored gun, no dudes in trainers and sweatshirts. OK, they’re wearing t-shirts, but they’ve got a clipboards, safety glasses, and a big hangar full of massive arrays of mag-coils. Kind of important for a magnetic rail gun.

As for the projectile burning as it penetrates the target, this is probably simply due to the release of kinetic energy on impact. If you’ve got a metal slug travelling at mach 7 hitting just about anything, it’ll release a hell of a lot of heat. Try clapping your hands; they get warm. Clap your hands together at mach 7, they catch fire.

Another possibility is that they’re using depleted uranium for the penetrator slug:

depleted uranium is favored for the penetrator because it is self-sharpening and pyrophoric. On impact with a hard target, such as an armoured vehicle, the nose of the rod fractures in such a way that it remains sharp. The impact and subsequent release of heat energy causes it to disintegrate to dust and burn when it reaches air because of its pyrophoric properties (compare to ferrocerium). When a DU penetrator reaches the interior of an armored vehicle, it catches fire, often igniting ammunition and fuel, killing the crew, and possibly causing the vehicle to explode.

OK, it’s unlikely that they’d use DU for a tester where people are going to be walking around right after the shot, as there’d be lots of fine uranium dust about. But I’m not a materials scientist – other metals might do the same, and the principle of heat release through impact stands.

Have we just caught Live Science making a beeg mistaeke? (anyway, they’d been scooped by our creepy bald dude from the discovery channel!)