Warning: Science/Metal Content

Rusty thinks evolution is interesting. New Scientist apparently agrees. An hour at work would not be even slightly wasted reading their latest “common misconceptions”  article. Posted in honor of some of Darwin’s more obscure manuscripts (as well as a first draft of “Origin of Species”) recently going online.

The article is very technically sound, and a useful summation of some core concepts that even people who’ve read a bit of Ernst Mayr will find engaging. On a related note, Arsis, linked here a few weeks back, are in the midst of re-inventing technicality themselves. And by “technical,” I mean “highly technical melodic death metal video.”


Now On Your Metal Radar: Arsis, CoB, Heaven Shall Burn

\m/The mighty Children of Bodom have a new record out and the first single, “Banned From Heaven” is available for streaming on MySpace. Check out a new video as well.

Arsis are part of a new wave of American metal; best described as mixing old school thrash, technical death, and blackened vocals, the band is quick and brutal. Hear new music here.

…and for the politically minded, Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn are a must. Intelligent, beligerent and innovative, HSB’s style is a unique mixture of industrial, thrash and melodic death. The song “Endzeit” is perhaps the best I’ve heard so far this year. This is the new thinking man’s metal!