The (Inarticulate) Language of Dissent (?)

So, I was over at another blog, browsing a few reactions to the death of the 4000th US soldier in Iraq. Pretty normal stuff; some accusing the Bush administration of murder, others dissenting. Then a guy named Mullah Cimoc showed up.

His post was… informative. I reproduce it here:

mullah cimoc (22:40:12) :
mullah cimoc say usa not the free press. for this ameriki him so stupid and the society destroy, woman take LBT (low back tattoo) and be slut, the sex with every man.
google: “mighty wurlitzer” +cia him son the gay homosexual with the gel hair and the beauty ameriki not to having grandchilds. this the big punish for the cruel.also to no respect because just slave of master in tel aviv. so ashame. not having the gonad.

Wasn’t that instructional? Do you miss your gonad? Hot for those LBTs? I thought it was great; totally ESL, yet hinting inarticulately at deeper social truths.

I found it so neat, actually, that I trolled around the blogosphere for a few minutes and found out that this guy shows up all over the place. A lot of people are offended by him. One theory is that he’s actually an Onion writer doing a viral joke. That probably isn’t true, but someone out there is still conducting their own tiny little meme war. The code in the original post suggests a lot of Ctr-C/Ctr-V… so is it effective, or am I just giving a troll some free air-time?


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