Wife Swap in Space

Gliese 581c is a planet orbiting a red dwarf star 20 light years from Earth. Its orbit is at just about the right distance that liquid water might be able to exist on the planet’s surface – which means Gliese 581c is the closest place outside our solar system that we know might be able to support life.

Some people on Earth are getting ready to send Gliese a signal, in case there’s a civilization out there. But I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. See, the message will come from BeBo, the social network, working with the producers of Wife Swap. The idea is that everybody on BeBo can submit a short video, and then the top 500 get edited together and packaged for transmission to Gliese from a radio telescope in Ukraine.

BeBo isn’t exactly the most representative sample of humanity. Is any social network? And RDF Media have done a lot of good stuff, but . . . first contact with a potential alien civilization?

Ready your fallout shelters – relativistic planet-destroying missiles inbound.

Full Story’s on the Guardian.


Destination: SA

Does this look safe?

In honor of one of the Objective 514 clan’s upcomming trip to South Africa, read about how it’s possible to go swimming mere inches away from the edge of Victoria Falls.

As the aformentioned clan member is going on tour with Celine Dion, he ought to be well protected, but it’s worth bearing in mind how dangerous SA can be. IOL is a good place to get news, and was one of the portals I used back when researching SA was my full-time job. Check it out before traveling!

┬áLastly, some of the news coming out of South Africa during the past few years has been… disturbing. Make sure to be up to date: