It’s a Movie…

… you should do something:For those interested in a more up to date version of the festival than the one above advertised, all the smashing details can be found here


Smarter than Powers

Maxwell Smart is back.

I say this looks wicked.

Maxwell Smart kicks Austin Powers’ ass. Discuss.

Uh Oh

rustedangel is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

Quote: “Unlike the original, the new movie will be set in New Manhattan, a city rebuilt with Japanese cash.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to produce a two-movie live action remake of the Japanese animated classic Akira. Apparently, the WB is going to have something to do with the production as well.

Presumably, if things keep going at this rate, Santa Claus will be raped to death by hungry velociraptors in November and Optimus Prime will hang himself in the next Transformers movie. I’m not saying this is guaranteed to fail, but does it really seem likely that the WB is going to be able to make this good? How are you supposed to improve upon the original, anyways?

…and why isn’t Hollywood making original movies anymore?