Gentlemen, start your engines (in Turkey)

Has Montreal seen its last F1?


Formula-1 drivers have been complaining about the condition of our track for years; has the WMSC has finally decided to do something about it?


“The Canadian Grand Prix, staged at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal since the late 70s, has been left off the latest F1 calendar.

After a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on Tuesday, the sport’s governing body issued an amended 18-race calendar, omitting the race previously scheduled for 7th June.

Instead, the Turkish Grand Prix has been moved from 9th August to June, creating an August ‘summer break’.”

This is a real shame; Grand Prix Weekend attracts thousands of tourists and generates millions of dollars in revenue for the city every year.


Rumour Mole: A Games Convention for Canucks?

Though still very much in the “Internet rumour” category, there is talk that Canada might get a gaming convention of its own. Gamekyo is reporting that Games Convention organizers are looking to set up a North American show, and that they are considering a Canadian city over an American one.

Vancouver or Montreal, with their strong games industries, would seem to be obvious choices, though one can never count out Tee-Oh. We’ll see where this goes.

(Teasing) Proof

… that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Right near the end we get a brief burst of imagery. This “flash” contains more than two dozens images. Here’s one fan’s dissection of what’s contained in that blur:

And here’s an analysis (by the same guy, I think)  of that weird panning, fly-by type shot that makes up most of the trailer:

Finally, here’s some concept art:


Best of all, it’s being made right here in the 514.

Habs Advance to Round 2; Idiocy Reigns

The Montreal Canadiens finally dispatched the tenacious Boston Bruins last night in a 5-0 Game 7 win at the Bell Center to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Their next foes have not yet been determined.

However, the relief and celebration of fans were marred by violence as a small riot broke out downtown. Some 16 police cars were vandalized – as many as six of them set ablaze – and an equal number of people were arrested.

God help us if they go all the way.

Would you like to know more?

“It’s not violent.”

From the Newsfeed (have you noticed the Montreal newsfeed in the bottom right?):

UFC to make Canadian debut in Montreal
Randy Phillips , Canwest News Service

MONTREAL – Georges St-Pierre knows the violent and sometimes bloody nature of professional mixed martial arts isn’t for everyone, but he also believes a lot of people don’t know what the sport is all about.


“Many people, especially in Quebec, have a misconception about the sport,” the 26-year-old Montreal native added. “They see it as violent, and that’s it. They haven’t seen UFC yet, and when they do, maybe once they see the show, they’ll be changing their minds.”

Oh, sure. UFC isn’t violent. Not at all. Now let’s see a BRUTAL TAKEDOWN!

. . . man, I’m on a posting roll today.