This Week In Miscellanea/Metal: “Cunning Stunts”

1. GTA 4 stunt jumping: Rusty compulsively hunts jumps. See Rusty jump. Jump, Rusty Jump!Aaaaaagh! My eyes!

2. Care to listen to some brand new Dragonforce? Stream “Heroes of Our Time” from the new record, Ultra Beatdown, due out August 25th!

3.  Are you like Tanith? Do you seek to release your inner goth? Poisonblack will release A Dead Heavy Day on September 1st. Balm for the ears of those, like Pale Horse, who lament the demise of Sentenced.

4. How many DS handhelds will O514 buy in order to play a Chrono Trigger remake? Probably at least two. To celebrate our impending defeat to Brain Age advertising, here are a few hundred fan art images of your favorite DS characters, and by “characters,” we mean “hot girls.”


Chrono-Trigger Coming to the DS

Frog, Crono and Luca take on Magus

Gamasutra reports that SNES RPG classic Chrono-Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS handheld this holiday season. Square-Enix has released ports of most of their old Final Fantasy games, and fans have been clamouring for similar treatment for Chrono-Trigger for years now. SE have finally decided that now is the time.

Time to buy a DS!