This Week In Miscellanea: “Son Of A Gun”

1. Is it time for new comix lovage? It IS time for new comix lovage! Feast your eyes on the improbable adventures of Jesus, the one true son of God.

In a new series of comix adventures, our lord JC decides he’s had it with his father’s laisez-faire approach to running the universe. The savior orders a new virgin birth in Russia circa 1905, puts in his time as a carpenter, and journeys across the border into Germany at a crucial moment in history…

Then… it’s time for THE PAYBACK!

2. On the slightly more quirky side, I challenge you all to get caught up on MS Paint Adventures, an enthralling, totally ludicrous take on old-school “police quest-“style adventure gaming.

LV. 2 Sleuth Diplomacy

Please note that while reading this comic you may rapidly become confused. This is normal. Bear with it and all will make sense in time. If you get stuck, just try being diplomatic.

rule34portal3. NSFW: I bet you wondered when Rusty was going to work some hot space ladies into this post. Well, here we go; as far as I can tell, this place is the Mecca of Rule 34. Use the tag list to ruin your childhood. You have been warned!


Stealin’ mah internets

April Fools !

Oh, those crazy comic writers.