The Stanley Parable

Yay for experimental first person narrative! Download is here – you don’t need HL2 to play. If you don’t have 300 free megs or the time, here’s some gameplay… pretty interesting!


Black Mesa

Would you like to play Half Life again? Would you like to play it re-created using the source engine? What if the whole thing was lovingly created by the mod community rather than Valve?

The Black Mesa team, who are responsible for the above trailer, are intent on doing just that. We already knew that the HL2 mod community was extremely active, to say nothing of ambitious, but this project (originally called Black Mesa: Source) takes the cake. Check it out; the concept art and renders are great, and the music (six cuts of which are downloadable) needs to find its way onto your iPod right away.

From Failing Hands

Quote: “Beijing Olympic organizing committee spokesman Sun Weide denounced Sunday’s protests as ‘sabotage.’ ‘”A few Tibetan separatists attempted to sabotage the torch relay in London, and we strongly denounce their disgusting behaviour,’ said Sun.”

Over the weekend they tried. Today, one way or another, they did it. As it rode through Paris today, the Olympic torch was extinguished at least twice. Further protests are expected, Xinhua is presumably now in the dictionary next to “mouthpiece“, and the weird internet backlash has been going strong for about three weeks.

UPDATE: Just to spice up the current affairs links – I am sort of excited about this movie, and the fact that that there is now a firm release date for this.

FURTHER UPDATE: You all owe it to yourselves to have a look at Hull Breach, a Half Life 2 mod recently linked by Kotaku. It has an interesting dev team, totally awesome concept art, and a varied, fascinating OST. Check it out.