Soul-Slaughtering Sonic Beatdown

Also featuring Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour!

The legendary At the Gates are coming to North America this summer. I can absolutely guarantee that O514 will be represented at this show, and that a review will be forthcoming.  

July 12 – Montreal, QC – Le Medley

See you there.


Now On Your Metal Radar: Arsis, CoB, Heaven Shall Burn

\m/The mighty Children of Bodom have a new record out and the first single, “Banned From Heaven” is available for streaming on MySpace. Check out a new video as well.

Arsis are part of a new wave of American metal; best described as mixing old school thrash, technical death, and blackened vocals, the band is quick and brutal. Hear new music here.

…and for the politically minded, Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn are a must. Intelligent, beligerent and innovative, HSB’s style is a unique mixture of industrial, thrash and melodic death. The song “Endzeit” is perhaps the best I’ve heard so far this year. This is the new thinking man’s metal!

Wrock You Like a Hurricane

Inspired by Rusty’s music posts, I draw the attention of our illustrious readership to a little-known but rapidly growing sub-genre of Music – Wizard Rock (Wrock), inspired by and based on the wildly popular Harry Potter series of books.

Wrock music is highly accesible light- and pop rock, performed by bands with names like Harry and the PottersThe Whomping Willows, The Parselmouths and Ministry of Magic. Sample lyrics:

We’ve got to save Ginny Weasly from the basilisk/ we’ve got to save the school again/ it’s been freaking out all the kids/ it even took out Miss Norris

You may think this has the trappings of a passing fad, but people who are serious about Wrock are even putting together a documentary called “We are Wizards”; there’s a trailer out now:

There’s also Wiki (of course) for those interested in more details.

So, what’s the verdict? Does Wrock have the chops to last as a sub-genre? Does music like this contribute to – or detract from – the music scene in anyway? Are these people just whacked-out fanboys?