Black Mesa – Now with Release Date

Rusty reminded us all of this back in the summer – but now it looks as if Black Mesa: Source has a release date, or at least a year: 2009.

The fact that this is less than a month away gives me a little tingle of anticipation.

People have been wondering if it will ever get released for a while now. In celebration of the potential release any time in the next thirteen months (or not,) here’s a sweet trailer, with some gameplay and in YouTube’s new high-quality, widescreen format . . .

What do you think? Sound off!

Also, this is cool, though it’s got nothing to do with BM:S.


Black Mesa

Would you like to play Half Life again? Would you like to play it re-created using the source engine? What if the whole thing was lovingly created by the mod community rather than Valve?

The Black Mesa team, who are responsible for the above trailer, are intent on doing just that. We already knew that the HL2 mod community was extremely active, to say nothing of ambitious, but this project (originally called Black Mesa: Source) takes the cake. Check it out; the concept art and renders are great, and the music (six cuts of which are downloadable) needs to find its way onto your iPod right away.