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Move over Apple, it’s the xphone

Looks like the iPhone’s days are numbered. A previously little-known German design and engineering company has created the xphone – the first mobile phone to be powered by an atomic battery.

It’s really quite impressive. But I’ll let you check out their own promo video.

Should be available in time for Christmas (Europe only, for now.)

I can’t wait!

Facebooking Reality: An Essay By Dakalos

Why I didn’t have Facebook until yesterday, and why I finally gave in

Yesterday, I “got “ Facebook. I signed up for a profile, set my privacy settings to highest level, tooled around a bit to find my friends, hoping of course that they hadn’t set their privacy settings to the highest level as well. I found it a little creepy that people I knew years ago were recommended as friends to me by Facebook’s recommendation system, even though I hadn’t put in any information that would suggest that I ever knew these people. I guess at some point, they ran a search for me. Once my profile was set up, and I started to receive confirmations of “friendship,” it was congratulations and welcomes all around. Continue reading

I’ve got your bailout riiiiiiiiiight here.

The automotive industry crisis is all over the news. Suitably on-topic, here’s a Top Gear review of the Ford Fiesta… they’ve really covered their bases.

This Week In Miscellanea: “Hope”

1. The lack thereof, for some. (updated)

2. Present, for the future.                 

3. In visual form, for your viewing pleasure.

Update: now with the participation of Tim Burton.


It’s about time we had some interesting news on this front. I’ve been wondering about the quality of prosthetics for years; a lot of what’s on the market doesn’t seem very far removed from the same basic options that have been available to humans for centuries. People’s limbs have been flying for ages – in pop culture it seems to have become something of an obsession.

So, the newsworthy – behold i-LIMB, from England’s Touch Bionics. Already the winner of 2008’s Royal Academy of Engineering’s MacRobert Award for outstanding innovation, the prosthetic has just been named to TIme Magazine’s list of top 50 innovations – well behind the Large Hadron Collider but ahead of the Mars Rover. It went on the market on July 17, and has been doing well enough that they’re already recruiting for an office in New York.

We’re not yet where we should be, but we’re getting close.

The Time list, by the way, is brutally flawed but interesting nonetheless. If you want to decide for yourself, it’s worth a look.


Dialogue trees, irreversible choices, love interests. NPC parties in an MMO… and all of the above by Bioware. This could get sexy.