I Will Call Nothing Fair, Unless it be Her Panties

The title will make sense in a moment – first, a little preamble. “What is PH posting now?” you ask yourself, “That last post was silly. Why would he do such a thing?” The answer is two fold: I love you, and I am awesome in the biblical sense of the word. What follows is, as near as I can tell, the end credit sequence to a very new anime series called Sora no Otoshimono. The title translates as something like  “Lost Property of the Sky” and is about fallen angels and high-school kids. “Typical!” you think, “I can go on youtube and watch hours of crap like this set to Linkin Park!”

You would be mistaken. If not about kids and the band… about the breasts. And the panties… ah yes, the panties.

Yes, that just happened. Things will never really be the same, I know, but I’m not done with you yet. Now, you shall watch the highly generic preview. It is highly generic! Until about 2 minutes in when it becomes totally fucking sweet. You shall enjoy it, because your equine lord compels you. Love him, and despair etc.


This Week In Miscellanea: “Hope”

1. The lack thereof, for some. (updated)

2. Present, for the future.                 

3. In visual form, for your viewing pleasure.

Update: now with the participation of Tim Burton.

The Gospel According To Turok

Do you believe in killing dinosaurs with your bare hands? With a nod of the head to TGoSJ, I wanted to throw some old news up for discussion on 514.

The tremendously slick creation museum in Kentucky is consistently exceeding the lofty attendance goals it set for itself. The comments of religious leaders are seemingly set to play a huge role in the US presidential primaries. A new Turok game came out last month. What do these things have in common? 

Ok. The creation museum is at war with reality. John McCain’s pastor wants war with Islam . Turok is at war with dinosaurs, possibly in space. The creation museum believes men fought with and rode on dinosaurs. McCain wants Americans to return to space. Am I the only one detecting a memetic pattern here?

I know that creationists are basically batshit fucking loco (bias mine), but in a limited sense they are gaining ground; not only is Intelligent Design a hot topic in the US school system, but you can now get an online masters degree in, to cut out the double-speak, creation science. The American religious right may be as powerful now as it ever has been.

On the other hand, popular atheism is on the rise, Richard Dawkins is a best-selling author, and people like John Shelby Spong and the Archbishop of Canterbury are trying to move religion into the new century. We’ve always been good at projecting ourselves into the future tense, so I’d like to know what 514 has to say about this. Apparently the new Turok game makes it easy to love shanking your fellow man… but the dinosaur boss-battles are brutally difficult to resolve. Who said video games aren’t modern morality tales?

Down With This Sort Of Thing

Note the sign at bottom right.

Quote: “How do you, ideologically speaking, defeat a crowd that is enthusiastically demanding that you ‘DO A BARREL ROLL! DO A BARREL ROLL!!’ ?”

It was a busy weekend, so in case any of you missed it, here is a pretty complete blog entry about the Anonymous protest outside of the UK Scientology HQ in Blackfriars. Up until this point I assumed that Anonymous were just griefers (and there were related black fax and denial of service attacks going on), but this event seemed like a winner. Worth considering as a follow-up to this post.

UPDATE: It looks like they’re back at it, with a series of protests this past weekend, May 9-11. Fallout from the events described in my original post is still being felt, and it looks like some mutation is occuring in the nature of the protests. Are the black fax and DoS attacks ramping down in favor of more traditional dissent? Where has the cheeky nature of the London event gone? Maye the Yanks are just being more stoic…

UPDATE 2: Fall is upon us, and things don’t seem to be simmering down. While RL protests are set to continue, the church of scientology seems to have smartened up enough to join Anonymous on the most logical battleground; slashdot reports that the church has been trying to get anti-scientology videos removed from YouTube, with a limited degree of success. Could the church be possibly be clever enough to take on Anonymous memetically? Not likely, but those of us who read too much cyberpunk must be looking forward to an escalation of hostilities in one of the web’s fist widely publicised guerilla wars. The opening shots? How about a video of someone rick rolling the February protest. How un-ironically ironic! Or is that ironically unironic? hmmm…