Danger Turtle Says: THANKS FOR 100,000 HITS!

Danger Turtle, Motherfucker.


Danger Turtle Says: THANKS FOR 50,000 HITS!

DT says: "Thanks for 50,000 hits!"

“It’s not violent.”

From the Newsfeed (have you noticed the Montreal newsfeed in the bottom right?):

UFC to make Canadian debut in Montreal
Randy Phillips , Canwest News Service

MONTREAL – Georges St-Pierre knows the violent and sometimes bloody nature of professional mixed martial arts isn’t for everyone, but he also believes a lot of people don’t know what the sport is all about.


“Many people, especially in Quebec, have a misconception about the sport,” the 26-year-old Montreal native added. “They see it as violent, and that’s it. They haven’t seen UFC yet, and when they do, maybe once they see the show, they’ll be changing their minds.”

Oh, sure. UFC isn’t violent. Not at all. Now let’s see a BRUTAL TAKEDOWN!

. . . man, I’m on a posting roll today.