Black Mesa

Would you like to play Half Life again? Would you like to play it re-created using the source engine? What if the whole thing was lovingly created by the mod community rather than Valve?

The Black Mesa team, who are responsible for the above trailer, are intent on doing just that. We already knew that the HL2 mod community was extremely active, to say nothing of ambitious, but this project (originally called Black Mesa: Source) takes the cake. Check it out; the concept art and renders are great, and the music (six cuts of which are downloadable) needs to find its way onto your iPod right away.


4 Responses

  1. Hasn’t this been in production for *years*? Are they nearing the home stretch yet?

  2. It seems that way – I posted this mostly because despite having figured out some of the (slightly) more obsucre mods (say…hull breach?) I somehow didn’t know about this project until recently.

    I hope it’s closing on finished. I also hope Valve will wedge it into whatevere the ep3 version of the orange box is. My hopes are not always realistic.

  3. […] Mesa – Now with Release Date Posted on 1 December 2008 by trippenbach Rusty reminded us all of this back in the summer – but now it looks as if Black Mesa: Source has a release date, or at […]

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