From Failing Hands

Quote: “Beijing Olympic organizing committee spokesman Sun Weide denounced Sunday’s protests as ‘sabotage.’ ‘”A few Tibetan separatists attempted to sabotage the torch relay in London, and we strongly denounce their disgusting behaviour,’ said Sun.”

Over the weekend they tried. Today, one way or another, they did it. As it rode through Paris today, the Olympic torch was extinguished at least twice. Further protests are expected, Xinhua is presumably now in the dictionary next to “mouthpiece“, and the weird internet backlash has been going strong for about three weeks.

UPDATE: Just to spice up the current affairs links – I am sort of excited about this movie, and the fact that that there is now a firm release date for this.

FURTHER UPDATE: You all owe it to yourselves to have a look at Hull Breach, a Half Life 2 mod recently linked by Kotaku. It has an interesting dev team, totally awesome concept art, and a varied, fascinating OST. Check it out.


3 Responses

  1. Ah, I wondered when someone would get the flame. There was no way it was going to get to Beijing without incident.

    As for Xinhua, it has long been a Communist Party mouthpiece. When I was in Tianjin a few years ago, even the host family I stayed with for a couple of days could be heard to snort or laugh at the Xinhua spin on politics. What the talking heads called “Enthusiastic, unanimous support for wise government legislation,” one of our tour guides described as “two thousand people raising their hands on cue.”

    As Rusty mentioned in another thread, the Chinese really have their heads up their asses here. I for one can’t understand why they’re being so heavy-handed right now. If I was calling the shots, I’d play nice until the end of August – you know, put on a nice show for the international community. Then as soon as the Games are over, we bust out the truncheons, water cannons and paddy wagons and go to town on Tibet.

    Honestly, doesn’t anyone know how to be a monstrous dictator any more?

  2. Sort of like that thing where Mobutu rounded up half of Kinshasa’s criminals and locked them in cells below the stadium before the Rumble in the Jungle. Apparently he shot a bunch of them too, and scared the whole town straight.

    As for the Chinese, I hope someone does actually stand up to them, even if it’s only by boycotting the opening ceremonies. Someone has to let them know that some kinds of hegemony are unnaceptable, even for them.

  3. Well, it looks like Rusty is gradually getting his wish, as Western leaders start to bow out of the Opening Ceremonies. British PM Gordon Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkle have both said they won’t be going. France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy is thinking about staying home, and even UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that he might not be able to go in August (though Ki-moon says it’s a scheduling issue).

    In the U.S., John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have all called on George W. Bush to skip the Opening Ceremonies as well.


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