The (Inarticulate) Language of Dissent (?)

So, I was over at another blog, browsing a few reactions to the death of the 4000th US soldier in Iraq. Pretty normal stuff; some accusing the Bush administration of murder, others dissenting. Then a guy named Mullah Cimoc showed up.

His post was… informative. I reproduce it here:

mullah cimoc (22:40:12) :
mullah cimoc say usa not the free press. for this ameriki him so stupid and the society destroy, woman take LBT (low back tattoo) and be slut, the sex with every man.
google: “mighty wurlitzer” +cia him son the gay homosexual with the gel hair and the beauty ameriki not to having grandchilds. this the big punish for the cruel.also to no respect because just slave of master in tel aviv. so ashame. not having the gonad.

Wasn’t that instructional? Do you miss your gonad? Hot for those LBTs? I thought it was great; totally ESL, yet hinting inarticulately at deeper social truths.

I found it so neat, actually, that I trolled around the blogosphere for a few minutes and found out that this guy shows up all over the place. A lot of people are offended by him. One theory is that he’s actually an Onion writer doing a viral joke. That probably isn’t true, but someone out there is still conducting their own tiny little meme war. The code in the original post suggests a lot of Ctr-C/Ctr-V… so is it effective, or am I just giving a troll some free air-time?

13 Responses

  1. Yeah, not an Onion writer — they don’t hire any radical Mormons (he’s from Utah). 😉 I seriously think he’s just a moron kid who’s trying to be the next Borat, and failing miserably.

  2. You’re probably right, but he/she does seem to be spending a lot of time on it. Makes me wonder what you could do if you had an interesting position and the same kind of drive.

    While I suppose that online promoters are already doing that for video games and various other media, I still like the idea.

    Thanks for posting, btw, and grats on your show.

  3. i googled mighty wurlitzer +cia and learned quite a bit about the origins of the controlled media in the united states. it is not a pretty picture.

    fairly obvious that the current problems with the controlled press in the u.s. is a now privatized version of “operation mockingbird” of the 60’s.

    furthermore, would you want your wife to have an LBT? or your daughter?

    if you really want to travel down the road less traveled google: “mary pinchot” and then google her husband, cia superspy “cord meyer”. p.s. he ran operation mockingbird.

  4. I agree that the “mighty wurlitzer” thing is actually quite interesting. It’s sort of like the ECHELON system in reverse; not only is there an attempt during the 60s and 70s to monitor North American information traffic, but to shape its distribution, content and consumption as well.

    From the modern perspective, anyone who watches Fox or CNN could easily be convinced that the same sort of thing is happening now. On the other hand, the internet is drastically changing news distribution and commentary. That’s one of the reason why I see Net Neutrality as one of the major issues of our times. Mullah Cimoc is a bad example of how you can disseminate information on the web, but an example none the less.

    As for the LBT, I’m a huge fan of lax North American (by which I mean Canadian…) values. I would reccomend that my wife or daughter get a more original tat than ye old tribal LBT, however; that crap is common.

  5. I’d still like to see Diva whip Mullah Comic’s —- err, Cimoc’s —- sorry butt. It’s not that I was ever offended by the ‘tard, I just didn’t find him funny. Redundant material, ya know. *snicker*

  6. You know what this mullah’s ranting sounds like? It sounds like somone has taken English text and put it through Babel Fish into German or something, and then back through Babel into English. With a few edits afterwards, that can read quite funny.

  7. I wonder if he buys his clothes off the rack.

  8. Hey Mark… which “Diva” exactly are we talking about?

    Also: +1 Dino Comics link.

  9. Diva Howe, one of the writers at Blogitude, who commented on the Mullah Cimoc post …

  10. Right. Gotcha. Can you tell I was trolling for mullah news stories?

    I’ve since read some of her posts, and would be curious to get a more in depth opinion of hers on this guy. She had the right idea; make fun of him – I don’t think he can possibly be serious.

    The weird thing is that he seems to actually check the responses to his posts. Now I just need him/her to post here so I can get Trip to check his IP address…

  11. Actually, if you go to my article, it’s listed right there, along with his e-mail address. It may help you understand the “Radicals Mormons — err, Muslims” comment. 😉

    Of course, the chances of there being a Muslim in Utah would be about as likely as finding a black man in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Unless, perhaps, one of the King Hassans had “sexual relations” with a ski bunny in Provo… *shrug*

  12. Also note that he hasn’t bothered to come back to our site, so I think we pegged him dead-on. At least with the Seven of Nine comment.

    Of course, if he was real, he’s probably still wanking, and forced to remain ritually unclean for the rest of eternity. *snicker*

  13. Have we rousted him out? Unfortunately, it seems no. Pegged him? I would say yes.

    Too bad he didn’t show. I wanted to start some kind of weird political comedy debate…

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